How to get the best results when taking a picture on the beach

Recognition function in the Beach Detector works most safely if you take pictures that are completely unique.

That is, pictures where:

  • there are no other things in the same picture 

  • the distance to the object is not too long 

  • the object is not partially covered by sand

  • the object is photographed lying on the beach 

This means that you sometimes have to move the object a little out on the beach in an open place to take the most clear picture and preferably close.

Examples of correct and wrong pictures

There are other objects in the picture.

Bladmosdyr forkert billede

The picture is taken close, without any other disturbing objects.

The distance to the object is too long.

Kællingetand forkert billede

The picture is taken close.

Kællingetand rigtigt billede


Here you can read frequently asked questions from our users and how to get the best results when using the app to find information about the objects you find on the beach.

Which objects can the Beach Detector recognize?2019-07-30T23:20:51+02:00

Beach Detector can detect and recognize all animals, plants and other objects that you can find on the website and in the app.

Have we forgotten an important animal or another object that belongs to the beach? Then send us an email!

When does the Beach Detector learn to recognize new things?2019-07-30T23:22:37+02:00

We update Beach Detector continuously with new items. But do you have a suggestion, or do you think we forgot something important? So please send us an email at kontakt@stranddetektor.dk .dk

How does the app work?2019-07-30T23:25:15+02:00

Beach Detector uses Machine Learning. This means that every time our users take a picture of an object to get it identified, the image is uploaded to our server, which is then processed and makes future lookup of an object more accurate. We would therefore like to thank our users for using the app and at the same time being part of the great community.

How do I get the best result?2019-07-30T23:25:47+02:00

You get the best result by taking a picture of the object without having a lot of background noise along with the image. If you take a picture and the result is wrong. So try to move the object so that there is only sand as a background.

If you repeatedly receive errors on the same object. Then please let us know at kontakt@stranddetektor.dk, so that we can improve the mentioned objects.

Where can I download Beach Detector?2019-07-30T23:26:27+02:00

Beach Detector is available for all iOS devices that have iOS 11.1 or later installed.

Is Beach Detector free?2019-07-30T23:26:51+02:00

Beach Detector is basically free to use. However, it is possible to purchase extra functionality in the form of In App Purchases in the app.

Is Beach Detector available for Android?2019-07-30T23:27:22+02:00

Currently, it is not possible to download Beach Detector for Android. It is only possible to download and use the app if you have an iPhone or iPad.

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