Glasswort is very common in most of Denmark. The herb can withstand and requires a lot of salt, and it grows on salt marshes, beach shores, coastal mudflats and in the Wadden Sea. The plant often forms large stands and binds the lick and the duck at the coasts. Glasswort is an annual plant, and the shoots are hairless, glassy and articulated with swollen joints. The plant looks a bit like a cactus without spikes and with very small yellow sunken flowers. The plant leaves are reduced to thick scales that completely enclose the stem. Both shoots and leaves are usually light green, but more or less strong red coloration is often seen. Glasswort has a high content of salt and minerals. It also allows it to bind a lot of water to it, and therefore it is a succulent.

Did you know that:

Glasswort can be eaten as a salad, or as an accessory to an egg mat. Take a small bite and taste the salty plant. Sip parts of the plant without lifting the whole plant. It is allowed to collect the plant for own consumption.