The natterjack is a small and densely built toad with a distinct yellow stripe along the back. It can be up to 8 cm long and you can encounter it in the dunes often where there are ponds and beach lakes nearby. It is night active and eats among other things ants and beetles. The natterjack has rather short hind legs, which means that the opposite frogs run more than it jumps. The animal is quite tolerant of salt and it can lay eggs in salt water, where the female puts 3,000 – 4,000 eggs. We must take care of the natterjack which, like other amphibians, is protected.

Did you know that:

The male green frog has a large bluish quack bag under the throat. It stretches almost only at night and can be heard over 2 km away. The sound is rolling and can recall the sound of an electric drill pressed into a hard wall.