The horse shrimp is the most common shrimp in Danish waters and can be seen in the inside lakes on the beach in summer. You can also find dead specimens lying together with plant residues. The horse shrimp can change color, so that it gets the same color as the sand bottom, where it can also dig very quickly if there is danger on the move. The shrimp can also “jump” backwards, when it strikes the tail towards the underside of the body. The horse shrimp  can be 6-7 cm long and is a predator that eats worms and other small crustaceans.

Did you know that:

Horse shrimps is considered a delicacy in our neighboring countries and is fished in great style for export. When you cook them, they do not turn red, like so many other shrimps, but brown. They are therefore not so in demand as food in Denmark. However, they are at least as tasty as other shrimps sold in stores. At some restaurants in the Wadden Sea area, horse shrimps are sold as “Wadden Sea Shrimp”.