Edible crabs are large, reddish-brown crabs with two powerful bobbins with black tips. The shield is transverse and arched with small warts. The crab’s legs are also covered with hair, which helps it find food. In the forehead it has 2 eyes and 5 small teeth. The crab can easily open mussel shells and smash the shields of other crustaceans. The large, powerful and fleshy bobbins are the only thing that is eaten in Denmark. The crab can be up to 20 cm and weighs up to 7 kg. Edible crabs always mate in connection with the female changing shells and therefore is completely soft.

Did you know that:

Crabs are fished in pots, which are a kind of cage. The cages are connected by a long line and put out on the seabed. Each cage can hold approx. Crabs. They are lured into the cage with cod heads.