Eelgrass is also called tapeworm and is a water plant with 50 – 100 cm long stems. It grows along the coasts in fine gravel, sand or mud and in shallow water. The vegetation is important habitats for many fish and bottom animals, especially during their upbringing, where they can hide in the grass. Eelgrass has a formidable ability to slow down CO2 emissions and has been used in various contexts as “water purifiers”, where one has put the plant out in poor areas. Insulation baths are also made of eelgrass, which is based on centuries of experience with seaweed insulation. Eelgrass contains minerals that act as natural fire retardants, and therefore the insulation contributes to a good working environment and indoor climate.

Did you know that:

In the autumn, large amounts of eelgrass run ashore and in earlier times it was collected, dried and used as filling in seaweed mattresses.