The snow is a beautiful black snake that gets slightly larger than the viper with its up to 130 cm. It is non-toxic and is known from the mind of its two yellow neck spots. You can encounter the Snow in the dunes, especially where there are beach lakes or ponds nearby. On very hot summer days, you may find thirsty snakes looking closer to the water. The snow lives almost exclusively on amphibians and frogs, but can also eat smaller mammals and fish.

Did you know that:

The snow’s sense of smell is attached to the tongue and it is primarily the sense it uses when hunting. Inside the mouth, the two tips of the tongue are led into two cracks in the palate, which lead into the so-called jacobsonic organ, where the fragrances are sensed. By comparing the scent on the two tongue tips, the tubing gives an accurate indication of which smells most of the prey and which direction it should therefore move in when hunting.